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Friction reduction during sliding in different angles with Zno nanoparticles deposition on orthodontic wires

Mojgan Kachoei; Faranak Eskandarinejad; Mahsa Eskandarinejad

Volume 6, Issue 1 , June 2011, Pages 1-7


  Aim: Friction accompanies all sliding techniques. Sliding is in the manner of tipping and uprighting with increasing angle between bracket and wire. Recently, wire coating with the different nanoparticles has been proposed to decrease the frictional forces. The present study was done to coat the stainless ...  Read More

Oral appliances treatment for obstructive sleep apnea

Tahere Hossein zadeh Nik; Fariba Esmaeilnia Shirvani

Volume 6, Issue 1 , June 2011, Pages 8-14


  Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a physical disorder that leads to repetitive obstruction of upper air way, causing in 30 or more apneic (the pause of airflow at the mouth and nose for more than 10 seconds) episodes during sleep. It is caused by the repeated collapse or narrowing of the pharyngeal ...  Read More

Dental and skeletal features of patients with congenitally missing maxillary lateral incisors

Tahura Etezadi; Fariba Esmaeilnia Shirvania; Atefe Saffarshahroudia

Volume 6, Issue 1 , June 2011, Pages 15-21


  Aim: the prevalence of maxillary missing lateral incisor (MMLI) is 1-2% which is responsible for 20% of all missing teeth. Increased knowledge of causes and clinical manifestations of cases with this situation can be helpful in their diagnosis and treatment planning. The aim of the present study was ...  Read More

Estimation of nasal cavity volume by coordinates

Shahriar Shahab; Amirfarhang Miresmaeili; Mehdi Esmaeili; Vahid Mollabashi; Nasrin Farhadian

Volume 6, Issue 1 , June 2011, Pages 22-26


  Aim: The main objective of this preliminary study was to introduce a new approach for the estimation of nasal cavity volume using two dimensional measurements in serial sections, as an alternative to planimetry volume measurements. Materials and Methods: Ten CBCT images were studied in the coronal plane ...  Read More

Anterior teeth torque and posterior anchorage need in anterior retraction: 3D analysis using finite element method

Allahyar Geramy; Ahmad Sodagar; Omid Mortezaee

Volume 6, Issue 1 , June 2011, Pages 27-31


  Aim: Anchorage management is a challenging problem while retracting anterior segment in orthodontic treatments. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effect of anterior teeth labiolingual inclination on the amount of anchorage loss and distance of anterior retraction.Methods and Materials: Six ...  Read More

Efficacy of three Disinfectants on Alginate Impressions

Abdolreza Jamilian; Hadi Parhiz; Hossein Rastegariyan; Saeedeh Nobakht

Volume 6, Issue 1 , June 2011, Pages 32-36


  Background and Purpose: Dental impressions often carry microorganisms that may cause cross infection from patients to dental staff. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the disinfecting efficacy of three commercially available disinfectants on Staphylococcus aureus. Methods and subjects: Impressions ...  Read More

Isolation and investigation of multipotent human periodontal tissue stem cells

Zeinab Kadkhoda; Rahele Malekolkotab; Ahad Khoshzaban; Zahra Chinipardaz

Volume 6, Issue 1 , June 2011, Pages 37-42


  Aim: culture of human preiodontal mesenchymal stem cells to production osteoblast. This might be used for repair of human periodontal defects in future.Method: periodontal tissues were obtained from periodontium of patients who were candidate for periodontal surgery. They were 25-45 years old and had ...  Read More

Formation of supernumerary tooth one year after enucleation of adjacent dentigerous cyst in a 9-years-old boy

Gholamreza Shirani; Mahnaz Arshad; Sohrab Asefi

Volume 6, Issue 1 , June 2011, Pages 43-47


  Supernumerary tooth is a rare event, which is usually found coincidentally in radiographic examination. The prevalence of this event is 1-3% with different prevalence for primary and permanent dentition. Supernumerary teeth may cause various clinical problems including: delayed or failure of eruption, ...  Read More

An overview on dental arch form and different concepts on arch coordination in orthodontics

Atefe Saffar Shahroudi; Amir-Hossein Mirhashemi; Hassan Noroozi; Hannane Ghadirian; Tahereh Hosseinzadeh Nik

Volume 6, Issue 1 , June 2011, Pages 48-57


  One of the most important characteristic of dentition is dental arch form. In orthodontic treatment, it is crucial to understand each individual dental arch for diagnosis and treatment planning and try to preserve it throughout the treatment to achieve a higher stability. Additionally, it is important ...  Read More

A Study on Motivation of Patients Coming to Specialized Orthodontic Clinics for Treatment

Parviz Padisar; Roya Naseh; Mohammad Jalilvand

Volume 6, Issue 1 , June 2011, Pages 58-66


  Aim: Assessment of patient's motivations requesting orthodontic treatment can help clinicians in meeting the needs and expectations of patients and attain a successful treatment result.Objective: The present study was carried out in 2008 to provide data regarding motives of patients coming to specialized ...  Read More

Space closure in anterior segment of upper jaw by multidisciplinary approach: A case report

Sarvin Sarmadi; Masomeh Esmaily; Farhad Sobouti

Volume 6, Issue 1 , June 2011, Pages 67-71


  Patients with midline or generalized diastema can be managed successfully by multidisciplinary approach. Our patient was managed by orthodontic, prosthodontic and restorative procedures. After orthodontic treatment, maxillayr labial frenectomy was done for this patient to reduce the possibility of relapse. ...  Read More