1 DDS, Assistant professor of Orthodontic department, Dental School of Hamedan university, Hamedan, IRAN

2 DDS, Orthodontic department, Dental School of Hamedan university, Hamedan, IRAN



Aim: Everyday because of developing new materials and techniques, more adults become interested in orthodontic treatments. Soft positioner and its new generation in the name of Invisalign System is an example. The present case report was designed to study the effects of soft elastic foils as serial aligners on treat-ing the mild to moderate crowding.
Materials and Method: Three teenage patients with crowding not more than 6 millimeters were select-ed. After the preparation of orthodontic diagnostic records and filling the periodontal chart, manual teeth setup was carried out on working casts with a maximum 0.5 millimeter displacement. Aligners were made up of bioplast foils. The appliance was worn by patient full time for at least 2 weeks. Then the new one was made and this procedure was continued until complete tooth alignment. The last aligner was used as retainer for three months later. These variables were evaluated after treatment : dental alignment , over jet . overbite, inclination of upper & lower incisors, lips relation to E line, mandibular plan angle, clicking in TMJ, periodontal status and tooth pain. Active treatment period lasted between 3-5 months.
Results: Anterior crowding was completely corrected in all patients. Protrusion of upper & lower incisors were seen in lateral cephalograms. Overbite, mandibular plan angle and lips relation to E line did not change. Improvement of periodontal status were recorded in all patients. Low to moderate toothache was reported during the first 2 days .
Conclusion: Mild to moderate crowding could be corrected successfully with soft elastic foils (Serial Aligners) without deleterious effects on TMJ and periodontium however manual tooth setup was time consuming. (IJO 2006; 1: 75 - 78)