Assistant Professor, Dent. of Pediatric Dentistry, Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS)



Introduction: Mesiodens is the most common supernumerary tooth occurring in 0.15% to 1.9% of The population. A racial variation is believed in the prevalence of supernumeraries. The purpose of This crosssectional study was to determine the prevalence of mesiodens.
Materials and Methods: 2687 Iranian children 6-9 years old were selected and peripcal radiographs were taken.
Results: The general prevalence of mesiodens was found to be 1.6% (1.11 , 2.08). Males showed a higher prevalence of mesiodens than that of females; 5:10.
Conclusion: A maxillary occlusal radiograph is highly recommended to make clear The presence or absence of supernumerary teeth.