1 Assistant professor of pediatric dentistry department, faculity of dentistry, Tehran University of Medical Sciences

2 professor of pediatric dentistry department, faculty of dentistry, Tehran University of Medical Sciences

3 Assistant Professor of pediatric dentisry depatment, faculty of dentistry, Tehran University of Medical Sciences



Aim: The premature loss of primary molars and the failure to protect this site during normal growth and developmental events may put the normal occurrence of occlusion at risk in the permanent dentition. Protection of dental arch relations in the premature loss of teeth can only be ensured with placement of space maintainers. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the clinical performance of Fiber Reinforced Composite resin(FRC) as a space maintainer.
Materials and Method: This study was conducted on 24 children applying 34 space maintainers. Old restorations in buccal surface were removed and grooves in mesiodistal direction were prepared on the decalcified or carious buccal surface of the abutment teeth. Teeth surfaces were etched, rinsed and dried. The required length of fiber was cut and then saturated with a few drops of bonding agent. The fiber was placed and a flowable composite was applied on the prepared grooves and fiber. The patients were followed up for 12 months.
Results: Our results showed that median survival time was 11.65 months and the success rate of FRC as a space maintainer was 88.24%. At the end of the study, there was no significant statistical difference between linear and angular measurements in initial and final casts (P>0.05).
Conclusion: This study revealed that FRC can be an appropriate substitute appliance in preserving the space of the premature loss of primary teeth to prevent space loss.