1 Professor, Department of Orthodontics, Islamic Azad University and Department of Orthodontics , Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, School of Dentistry, Tehran, Iran

2 Orthodontist, Tehran, Iran



Aim: Determining the proximity between predictions performed  by Dolphin imaging software before and after the orthogonathic surgery with standard manual method.
Methods and Materials: twenty long face C1 III patients, that had been undergone surgery were selected and their cephalograms and study cast records, before treatment, before surgery and after surgery were evaluated. The outcome was predicted with Dolphin imaging software and with standard manual method before and after surgery.
Results: Differences of the variables by the software prediction in the presurgical and postsurgical stages in comparison with standard prediction method were usually insignificant.
Conclusions: Dolphin imaging software (version 10.0) has a good accuracy for prediction of presurgical and postsurgical outcome of long face C1 III orthogonathic patients.