1 Professor, Department of Orthodontic, Shahid Beheshti of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran

2 Post-graduate student in training, Psychology depertment, Iran hospital, Iran University of Meical Sciences, Tehran-Iran

3 Dentist, Tehran, Iran


Aim: Understanding or self-image about beauty of teeth has been considered as the most common reasons for referrals to orthodontic treatment. The aim of this study was to evaluate the Expectations and self-concepts of patients referred for orthodontic treatment in a private office and Shahid Beheshti, Dental School.
Materials and Methods: To evaluate patient's expectations and self concept, a questionnaire consisting of 13 close and 2 open questions was prepared. To determine whether the problems of patients are realistic, an orthodontist visited all patients and recorded the findings on a structured questionnaire. In addition some variables that might influence the score that Petients and recorded to evaluate their own dental beauties were analyzed. To analyze the data, Chi-square, t test, ANOVA, Kappa statistic and multi-variable linear regression model were used.
Results: Totally 252 individuals (92 males and 160 females) were evaluated. The girls thought treatment times was longer and the cost was very higher. One- third thought they need other dental treatment. The patients were often sent by doctors or dentist than their friends or family. 24.4% of patients who had TMD problems, mentioned them as the cause of their orthodontic treatment. The patients grades to selected C1 I pictures, had significant differences with each other (P<0.001).
Conclusion: The individuals image of his teeth was influenced by external, functional and social factors.