Aim: The goal of this research was examination of agreement between analysis of Hand wrist bones and cervical vertebrae to determine the skeletal age and patient’s growth value in 8-18 years of Iranian children referred to the department of orthodontics, faculty of Dentristy, Tehran University of Medical Sciences. 
Materials and Methods: A group of 123 subjects, in accordance with specific treatment design for these patients, performed right hand wrist and lateral cephalograms. Bones evolutionary stages of hand wrist examined based on Grave & Browns and Bjork methods in 9 phase and in 7 regions of hand and wrist. Evolutionary stages of cervical vertebrae determined based on Baccetti method by using from sight or aspect trunk of 2,3,4 vertabrae in 5 phase. These analyses repeated 6 month later. . Kappa Correlation index used for comparison of two used method in order to determine stage of skeletal maturity in general sample.
Results: and Conclusion: correlation value in these two methods was weak to determine the skeletal age by analysis of Hand wrist radiography and cervical vertebrae. These cannot be considered as the alternate to determine skeletal age and growth peak with each other.