1 Assistant Professor, orthodontics department, Dental branch ,Islamic Azad University, Tehran ,Iran

2 Associate Professor, orthodontics department, Dental branch ,Islamic Azad University, Tehran ,Iran

3 Department of Community Oral Health School of Dentistry, Hamadan University of Medical Sciences, Iran



Background and aim: The form of the facial skeleton and dental relationship is race specific, and estimating the cephalometric standards in each race is important. The purpose of this study was to determine the McNamara's Analysis standards in Iranian population and to compare them in Iranian men and women. 
Materials and Methods: In this Cross Sectional study cephalograms of 75 Iranian adults (18-35yrs) including 36 males and 39 females that represented Class I skeletal relationship, normal vertical pattern and space deficiency less than 3mm were selected Eleven indexes of McNamara Analysis were manually traced and analyzed. Mann-Whitney and Independent t-tests were used to compare values between males and females. 
Results: It was shown that there is significant difference in effective length of mid face, mandibular length and lower one third height between men and women (p<0.05). Our study findings was very similar to McNamara`s norms.
Conclusion: Despite the larger jaw dimensions in Caucasian compared to Iranian ethnic group. McNamara analysis can be applied for Iranian population.