Department of Orthodontics, Rural Dental College, Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences, Loni, India


Background: It is generally believed that a straight profile is more attractive than a convex class II or concave class III profiles, however, there are certain gender differences, as slightly convex facial profiles are considered attractive in females, while straighter profiles are preferred in males.
Objectives: The goal of this study was to compare facial profile attractiveness changes of patients treated with twin block appliance assessed by orthodontist and other dental specialist.
Patients and Methods: The patient sample comprised 10 patients who undergo orthodontics treatment with Twin Block appliance. Triplets of facial profile photographs of the patients were randomly divided into two sets (before T0, after treatment T1). Two groups selected: 10 orthodontist and 10 dental specialist from different other branches (Excluding oral maxillofacial surgeons) in rural dental college were selected. Each judge independently ranked both sets of photographs using visual analog scale (VAS) with an interval of 1 week between ratings.
Results: On average, both orthodontists and other dental specialist found an improvement in facial profile attractiveness through Twin Block appliances treatment (VAS- T0 - T1 = 1.4 ± 3.2 cm). However, the individual perception of attractiveness varied greatly in the two groups. For time periods (T0- T1), lower VAS ratings were given by other specialist than by orthodontists.
Conclusions: Other dental specialist rated facial profiles more critically than orthodontist. Twin block therapy in patients generally improves profile attractiveness, which is appreciated by all dentists.