Department of Orthodontics, Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences, Ahmednagar, India


Friction is defined as the force that resists a movement when objects move tangentially against each another. Various forces arise, when two surfaces which are in contact slide against one another. An orthodontist has various difficulties related to friction specially with sliding mechanics and has to deals with it successfully to provide effective tooth movement. During Orthodontic treatment, sliding mechanics is used widely. Friction generated at the bracket/archwire interface is one of the disadvantages of this mechanics, which reduces the quality of desired orthodontic movement acquired. Both clinicians and scientists have an interest in the role of friction in Orthodontics, due to its application. As per clinical studies, the resistance to bodily tooth movement by sliding has far too less to do with friction. It is mainly a binding-and-release situation that is similar to conventional and self-ligating brackets.