Department of Orthodontics, Government Dental College, Calicut, Kerala, India


The sella turcica is considered an important landmark in orthodontics as it is used extensively in various cephalometric analyses be it for diagnosis, evaluation of growth or treatment results. In order to recognize deviations from the norm, one needs to be familiar with normal radiographic anatomy as well as morphologic variability. A review of the literature was conducted regarding the norms and variations in size, shape, morphology and bridging of the sella turcica as evidenced by cephalometric evaluation. Literature search was carried out using the following keywords: Sella Turcica, Sella Bridging, Sella Size and Morphology. Search engines: PubMed and Google Scholar were utilised, followed by hand search. The purpose of the review is to provide an insight into detection of subclinical and potentially pathologic conditions during regular orthodontic pretreatment assessments.