Department of Orthodontics, School of Dentistry, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, IR Iran


Context: The use of skeletal anchorage not only changed how far teeth can be moved, but also offered more treatment options to patients and clinicians. So many orthodontists use them in severe malocclusions to save patient from orthognatic surgery and the other invasive treatment plans. So our information about them must increase to use them in a right way.
Evidence Acquisition: To know recent findings about miniscrews and their use in orthodontic treatments
Results: In this review article, by focusing on the newest papers published in PubMed (from 2010 - 2015) we want to survey the most common applications of miniscrews in today orthodontics. To ease reading this paper, applications where divided into 7 groups. Almost all of papers used in this article had a common conclusion about safety and effectiveness of miniscrews in treatment of patients.
Conclusions: miniscrews are helpful in increasing treatment options for various malocclusions and they make treatment simpler, shorter and more comfortable for patients and clinicians.