MBA, Payame Noor University, Tehran, IR Iran


Background: This paper examine the role that social responsibility can play in advancing orthodontic clinics’ management. Social responsibility is a valuable potential area of strategic development that causes consumer’s positive perception toward service providers.
Objectives: The study also sought to determine the role of social responsibility and trust in strengthening of customer satisfaction. Lack of previous studies caused researcher to analyze the effect of corporate social responsibility on customer trust and satisfaction toward orthodontic clinics in this way.
Materials and Methods: The cause and effect relationship between tree variables were analyzed including social responsibility, trust, customer satisfaction. Having 4 hypotheses. To test the hypotheses the personal questionnaire was used and data from 405 individuals who were the clients of orthodontic clinic in Iran, were collected. Using randomly sampling method and analyzed by statistical instruments. The descriptive statistics was performed using SPSS software and referential statistics was conducted using exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation models was done using AMOS software.
Results: Results showed that the positive and significant relationship between social responsibility trust, and also relationship between customer satisfaction and trust were supported. The relationship between corporate social responsibility and customer satisfaction was rejected. Nevertheless, the indirect effect of social responsibility on customer satisfaction was approved.
Conclusions: The results also support that customer trust is the most important attribute in the context of services. In the other word it is trust of clients that lead to client satisfaction.