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1. The effects of height and width in L-loop characteristics: 3D analysis using finite element method

Allahyar Geramy; Tahoora Etezadi

Volume 5, Issue 1 , January 2010, Pages 1-6


  Desirable tooth movements need optimal force systems. Loops are employed to move teeth properly. L-loop is used frequently due to its ease of fabrication. The aim of this study is to assess the expected forces and moments when a definite length of wire is bent to form L-loop. In other words, the effect ...  Read More

2. The effect of two types of functional appliance on soft tissue profile: a randomized clinical trial

Valiollah Arash; Sina Haghanifar; Farhad Sobouti; Manouchehr Rahmati Kamel; khalil Barzegar

Volume 5, Issue 1 , January 2010, Pages 7-15


  Aim: The objective of this study was to compare and evaluate the effects of two functional appliances including modified activator and modified twin block appliances on the profiles of facial soft tissue. Methods: This study included 30 patients suffering from skeletal class II abnormalities. Participants ...  Read More

3. Determination of occlusal relationship (1st molar + canine) among 9-10 year old boys in Tehran

Yahya Baradaran Nakhjavan; Farid Baradaran Nakhjavan; Mina Sedarat

Volume 5, Issue 1 , January 2010, Pages 16-23


  Aim: Disorders of dentition and gums are highly common in contemporary societies and its prevalence is increasing gradually. All psychological and social problems due to dentofacial esthetics and oral function and periodontal disease deterioration and dental caries has made orthodontic treatments important ...  Read More

4. CO2 Laser Effects on Shear Bond Strength of Orthodontic Brackets and Enamel Demineralization

Nasrin Farhadian; Amirfarhang Miresmaeili; Loghman Rezaei Soufi; Fahimeh Baghaei; Ehsan Shahvali

Volume 5, Issue 1 , January 2010, Pages 24-31


  Aim: of this in vitro study was to evaluate the effects of Co2 laser irradiation on demineralization adjacent to orthodontic brackets and their shear bond strength in human premolar teeth. Enamel demineralization adjacent to orthodontic brackets is a major problem that requires new professional method ...  Read More

5. Determination of Holdaway soft tissue norms in Iranian adolescents

Bijan Moghbel; Ahmad Sodagar; Tahura Etezadi; Amirfarhang Miresmaeili

Volume 5, Issue 1 , January 2010, Pages 32-38


  Aim: Facial appearance is an important factor for a successful orthodontic treatment that include soft-tissue profile, finding of standard cephalometric values for various population can be useful. The aim of this study was To detect the mean soft tissue facial profile for Iranian adolescent as determined ...  Read More

6. Shear Bond Strength of Orthodontic Brackets Cured with Different Light Sources, LED and QTH

Masood Feizbakhsh; Mehrdad Barekatain; Ehsan Borhani; Fatemeh Teimoori

Volume 5, Issue 1 , January 2010, Pages 39-45


  Aim: The aim of this study was to compare the shear bond strength [SBS] of two different light sources, light-emitting diode and quartz-tungsten halogen, under thermal cycle frequencies. Method and materials: Sixty human premolar teeth were divided into two groups, on which composite (Transbond ...  Read More

7. Psychological impact of Dental Aesthetics for Kurdish adolescents seeking orthodontic treatment

Fadil Abdulla Kareem; Trefa M. Ali Mahmood

Volume 5, Issue 1 , January 2010, Pages 46-56


  Aim: the main goal of this study was to investigate the relationship between Kurdish orthodontic patients’ severity of malocclusion and their social and psychological impact. Materials and Methods: The sample consisted of 100 patients, 45 males and 55 females, aged 13–22 years. A translated ...  Read More

8. Non-syndromic multiple supernumerary teeth: A case report

Amir Reza Rokn; Allahyar Geramy; Hadi Zare

Volume 5, Issue 1 , January 2010, Pages 57-61


  Hyperdontia is more common in the permanent dentition than primary teeth. The rampancy of hyperdontia in the permanent dentition is reported to vary between 0.1 and 3.8 % and its rampancy in the primary dentition is found to be 0.3-0.8 %. A 20-year-old woman contacted the Faculty Practice Clinic at the ...  Read More

9. Cephalometric characteristics of Class II Division 2 malocclusion: A comparison with normal children

Behnam KhosravaniFard; Asal Fetrati; Hesam Rahimi; Elmira Asadi

Volume 5, Issue 1 , January 2010, Pages 62-69


  Since the publication of Angle’s definition of malocclusion types, many cephalometric researches have been carried out to determine characteristics of Class II division 2 malocclusions; however controversies still remain. Considering the fact that a high percentage of patients seeking orthodontic ...  Read More

10. Assignment and compression of facial index and modified smile index (MSI)

Zohre Tabatabaei; Soghra Yasaei; Mohamad Danesh Ardakani; Said Aghaei Mohamadi

Volume 5, Issue 1 , January 2010, Pages 70-76


  Aim: Ideal facial esthetic and smile as one of it's components are the major topics in orthodontic treatment. One important goal in modern orthodontics is harmony between facial soft tissue in static and dynamic state. The objective of this study is evaluation of correlation between facial index and ...  Read More